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“Delicious City Prints” – the world’s foodprints on a wall

The previous post on wall art- about “We had sex in this room” prints- went down quite well with you readers, so I thought I’ll flag another brilliant design project, and this time is foodie art series “Delicious City Prints”. So, less dirty but not less saucy!

Designs are available in prints or postcard format- here's the complete series

Designs are available in prints or postcard format- here’s the complete series

“Delicious City Prints” is a project from US designer Roni Lagin, from Philadelphia (a city that will always and forever remind me of the homonym cheese spread- terrible, I know- rather than of the much better Philly cheese steak sandwich). His prints depict the most popular local foods in a number of cities around the world (with a bias on the US), with an emphasis on street food and home-cooking (otherwise, I am afraid there would be just one print with a super-sized “Big Mac” on it).

With the current London trend for “street food gone gourmet” (think Bubbledogs, the countless ‘gourmet burger’ joints, Pizza Pilgrims bringing us real street pizza etc.) it couldn’t be more timely! This is the London food print:

Delicious City prints London
seattle geoduck delicious city prints
You can see the entire series of “Delicious City Prints” here- and there is also a great video about the project which will no doubt get you hungry.

The creator Roni Lagin (who is by the way also the mastermind of fabulous Made With Awesome) says:
“Whenever I visit a new city, I can’t wait to learn what defines it from a food perspective. I always search for regional fare and eat what locals eat—like a Chicago hot dog ([even though Londoners seem to be ating lots of hot- dogs too, judjing by the Bubbledogs buzz]- my note). My series Delicious City Prints project is a celebration of the food memories I have, along with a nod to some new cities I’m looking forward to eating in some day.”

The “Delicious City Prints” project was made possible by money raised on crowfunding platform Kickstarter (oh, the joys of the Interwebz). It has now gone past its target, but you can always donate some money – and you get the prints, of course, which is cool. They are now available to order and will start shipping in October. I think if I can agree with my flatmate on hanging one on the kitchen, the London one will be mine soon – although I wouldn’t have minded to see my favorite pho soup there..

What would you put on the London food map? Maybe we could all tweet to the designer and get him to update it!

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  1. That London print is awesome!
    Anyway, that’s so *not* what I expected a “geoduck” to look like :D

    • Me too! I had a fantasy version of “geoduck” and was a bit disappointed with the real thing…

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