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“Taters, baby”- Fifty Shades of Chicken and other food parodies

Is “Fifty shades of Grey” not your cup of tea? Surely not mine either. But what about “Fifty shades of Chicken”? As a first-hour hater of the tasteless FSOG trilogy, its detrimental link with eating disorders and its sloppy food writing, I thought that even parodies would be a waste of ink and paper. But I had to change my mind after reading (and cooking from) the hilarious and brilliant “Fifty Shades of Chicken”, and I am looking forward to Fifty Shades of Bacon. Here’s how it all began…

fifty shades of chicken recipes

Credits: original book picture from

If you’ve read me for a bit now you’ll know I am no fan of “Fifty Shades of Grey” (I am not alone, I know- haven’t actually seen a single blog saying they like it). You may also know  that one of the reason I dislike it so much, as a lover of food, is its plain wrong attitude to anything food related – from the tendency to anorexia of its featureless  ‘heroine’ Ana, to the painful platitude of endless meals description in which food is a not so subtle clue for something else (cue rare steak and wine cum lusty exchange of looks, oysters used as a swallowing test etc.etc.). Also, I have a preemptive hate – silly and unreasonable, I know- for the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey cinema adaptation- especially since I read about  rumours of Micheal Fassbender, one of my favourite actors, starring as Christian Grey (it’s apparently not happening, as it’s also not happening that Mila Kunis will be casting as Anastasia Steele – no tits on show this time guys, sorry).

This said, as much as I don’t like the book and the idea of its success, I am not obsessed about it enough to want to buy or read the many, many parodies and spoofs which the Fifty Shades of Grey has generated. I am not sure whether titles such as “Fifty Sheds of Grey” or “Fifty two shades of Blue-ish” (apparently, a Jewish parody, whatever that means)  would be worth the money. But when I noticed (thanks Google and Amazon for spying on me knowing my preferences so well-oh the joys of Internet marketing) food- related Fifty Shades parodies, I knew I couldn’t miss them- especially as gifts, they would be a good laugh with friends.

fifty shades of grey food parodies

Fifty Shades of Chicken, Fifty Shades of Bacon, Fifty Shades of Earl Grey- I bought all of them, successfully gifting the latter to a big tea lover (tea is the new wine, remember- even 2013 food trends say so); the second is on its way to me- it was apparently sold out; the first is now a solid addition to my cookbook collection- and dare I say quite a good one. I have just discovered there is also a Fifty shades of Gravy somewhere out there but its description puts me off (“rude food”- that reminds me of Penis Pasta and other trashy hen-party stuff).

Pictures below of two of the recipes I cooked recently together with the BF from Fifty Shades of Chicken - much fun was had by both (no pun intended): Dripping Thighs and Wine–steamed chicken breasts (we used thighs) with sesame oil and scallions were both a hit.

fifty shades of chicken 3

Just to give you an idea of how the “fiction” bit of the book reads, here’s the prelude for the recipe:

“He holds a tiny silver spoon above me, letting fall, drop by tantalizing drop, a dark, mysterious dipping sauce. It’s the slowest, most sensuous thing imaginable. In her crushed velvet coop my inner goddess fans herself with both wings.

In short, I was afraid Fifty Shades of Chicken may be just a silly parody of the book but it is indeed not just hilarious (if you are in the mood for having a laugh on the state of today’s book market and what passes for “literature” today) but also a well- edited, well-written, superbly photographed glossy cooking book with clear instructions. And incidentally, lusting a bit over the images of naked male abs and arms  doesn’t  hurt either. Food erotica is such an under-appreciated genre, if you ask me.

fifty shades of grey chicken recipe 2

Have you ever read Fifty Shades of Grey (come on, you can confess)? Have you ever bought a parody like Fifty Shades of Chicken? Let me know in the comments

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  1. The book is quite orrible ;-)
    I read it only for my personal culture — By the way, the chicken looks great *–*

    • I agree with you, the book is horrible beyond words. Thanks, the chicken recipe was even better than it looked in pictures :)

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