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Kate Middleton naked? The true scandal is food waste

Everybody’s staring at Kate Middleton topless. Embassies around the world are stormed, with people on both sides getting hurt; yet, the world seems to only (or mostly) be interested in some pretty small, if very perky, bare tits sported by Kate Middleton – horrors of horrors- when chilling out poolside with her husband. We all know that sex sells, but I feel we’ve crossed the line here. What bothers me most is that we’re not in the Middle Ages anymore, right? Women aren’t supposed to be fully covered and subject to all sort of silly strict rules, we don’t kill each other on “religion” grounds, there are no people starving and we wouldn’t believe superstition rather than science. Oh no, wait…

Food waste scandal

Rant over. Others have talked about the whole media coverage paradox and the topless Middleton affair better (and in a funnier way- see the Daily Mash) than me and this is supposed to be about food, right? So let’s talk about a true scandal- something, I know, rather less sexy that a naked Princess (or Prince)- but no less front-page worthy: food waste. I recently stumbled upon this brilliant TED talk by Tristram Stuart, one of the global voices (and faces) of the food waste cause. The video sums it up quite clearly, so have a look if you’re even vaguely interested, it’s an eye-opener.

Tristram Stuart has a book (Waste: uncovering the global food scandal), but even better he has come up with the concept of Feeding the 5000, now touring the UK. I am the least militant or political person in the world, but I really think that food waste is…well, again, a scandal. I think everybody who enjoys food cannot help but feel involved not only in its  physical and emotional dimension but also in its social implications.

As I am growing more and more interested in the food waste topic, you can expect to hear from me on it again pretty soon- and no naked Kate Middleton pictures from me, sorry- in the end, we live in the Middle Ages, right?

Opening picture credits: Klaus Pichler Photografie, One Third Project

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