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Shoryu ramen opens second location in Soho – with largest sake list in Europe

It is no secret that  I am a regular of Shoryu ramen. On my quest for the best ramen in London, I have been straying often from the mission of trying uncharted new placed to go back to Shoryu- since their opening last year on Regent Street, I have been there countless times with the feeble excuse of trying some new items on the menu – something called Dracula tonkotsu seemed just too delightfully whacko to resist. Whilst I can’t say I have  equally loved every single addition to what is now a sprawling menu with over 15 types of ramen on offer, I really like the place, the authentic Japanese ramen bar feeling and the friendly service. 

shoryu ramen soho review

So I was happy to learn that Shoryu popup on Denmark Street, on the edges of Soho, was going to become a permanent outpost under the name of Shoryu Soho – and what’s even better, it would offer an extensive sake list.

In fact, Shoryu Soho apparently boasts Europe’s bigget sake list. I enjoy sake very much (a bit too much for my own good) although I am not an expert, so being able to couple my ramen obsession with some fine booze sounds like the perfect deal. As I am in Italy these days, Han Wei, my partner who is also an occasional photographer for  “Into The F World”, attended the Shoryu Soho launch party to find out more about this welcome addition to the growing Japan Centre family of shops and restaurants. Apparently, it was a buzzing affair – not surprising when good food and sake are involved- and from the look of it, Shoryu Soho promises to be an even better version of the orginal outpost.

shoryu soho ramen bar reviewThe decor of Shoryu Soho, whilst remaining characteristically linear and clean, has been jazzed up in tune with the neighbourhood vibe. Flags, banners and elegant displays of sake bottles on a blonde wood background give it a sleek feeling.

The menu features all the familiar Shoryu classic ramen types, including the signature Ganso Tonkatsu ramen and my favourite- the “so hot you sweat” Piri Piri Tonkotsu.  There are also Shoryu Soho specials like yakitori BBQ skewers. I must get myself there ASAP to try them as I love yakitori, plus one cannot always feast on pork fat broth…or maybe yes.

shoryu soho menu ganso tonkotsu ramen hirata buns

A note for the sake lovers, from the official release:

The new location will also offer Europe’s biggest selection of authentic Japanese sakes (over 120 different varieties on the menu) including Tatenokawa Nakatori – milled to an astonishing 18% of its original size, thisfragrant, light sake has a smooth touch with a clear and elegant finish; Myokosan – an award winning honjozo sake; Hana Houhoushu – a beautiful sparkling sake infused with rose petal and hibiscus; and Gekkeikan Kirei Umeshu – a smooth tasting umeshi plum wine made with added collagen.

They say collagen, when absorbed through food and drink, keep skin younger – so I might as well drink myself wrinkle-free  rather than using expensive creams ;)

shoryu soho 3

I have been talking much about  noodles used for tonkotsu ramen and debating the merits of those of Shoryu vs. Bone Daddies, Cocoro etc. – it is worth nothing that from july 1st, Shoryu has started to serve “custom-made”  ramen noodles made to the exact specifications of chef Kanji Furukawa, who is, like all good chef, fairly obsessed with detail and continuous improvement. A firther reason to go back to Shoryu if you had already been, or to try it out if you haven’t.

[When you start a food business] success will eventually come, but “you have to give something first to hope for something in return” (Tak Tokumine, Japan Centre Manager and Shoryu patron)

shoryu ramen staff chef

Shoryu Soho will run a “feast for a fiver” offer until July 19th – any ramen for £5 is a HUGE bargain so get yourself there asap. I certainly will!

Photo credits: heartfelt thanks to friend, fellow blogger and photographer extraordinaire Giulia (of Mondomulia blog) for some of the pictures on this post! 

Disclaimer: Into The F World blog was a guest of Shoryu Ramen at the opening party. Opinions are ours. 

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