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Time for Tea, time for Me – a lazy Jubilee weekend

time for tea london

Not really a post, just a short note really- to seal off a Jubilee weekend which for me consisted of:

  • Relaxation, including hot baths (self-administered) and hot oil massages (not self- administered)
  • Reading – tried “Fifty Shades of Grey” – I REALLY tried, but its dullness is beyond me. Went back to my Katherine Mansfield’s stories
  • Cooking and eating – highlights was a Steamed Chicken with Ginseng for which I hope to share a recipe soon
  • Getting in and out of bed, not necessarily to sleep but definitely with a share of time spent IN bed outperforming the OUT part by 70% at least
  • Blogging Some photo editing of pictures from Sicily, which should pop up in a post very soon. A post, to be honest, which has not been written yet and is not even in progress

In a nutshell: a weekend of plain laziness and of “me-me-me” time. Laziness and self- interest still being regarded as major sins (even by me- blame my strict Catholic upbringing), it felt a bit guilty – which only added to the pleasure.

And to crown it all, I had an afternoon tea fit for a Queen at “Time for Tea” on Shoreditch High Street. Just me and a girlfriend meeting up for some serious gossiping, planning to just sit down for coffee- and ending up with homemade cake and loose leaf tea at one of the quirkiest places I’ve been to in London so far.

time for tea shoreditch

One of the wonderfully weird things about “Time for Tea” is that it’s open when it’s open, and closed when it’s not. I pass by every weekend and often on weekdays, and I could not decipher a pattern in opening times – possibly because I am not a code- cracker. Maybe there IS a pattern instead, and it’s “days beginning with a T, number is a multiple of 3 and 5 and it’s raining in Ouagadougou”. For me and you and, it’s RANDOM. If the door is open, or if you spot the huge dog of the owner Johnny Vercoutre waiting outside, chances are they are open- go in and don’t miss the chance. Another weird thing is that they don’t have a website- this Qype listing is the closest you can get to it in case you want to pay a visit.

I won’t bother you with long descriptions – “Time for Tea” it’s not a new place, I can’t claim to have “discovered it” as it’s an East End institution, and many have blogged about it before with much better pictures (see this good post on London In- Sight). It’s time warp to the ’40- or better, to the slightly dilapidated house of an eccentric auntie in the ’40, all mismatched china and delightfully old- fashioned furniture.

time for tea spitalfields

I am not a huge fan of the “trying-hard-to-be-artsy” trend which seems to have taken over the East recently- and that’s why I like the place: it’s not trying, it just happens to be. A young lady was drawing pencil sketches at a table next to us; there was an abat- jour in a corner with a yellow lightbulb of the type I didn’t think they made anymore; and the guy who stood up from a table to greet us at the counter was very rive gauche French – so charming that we didn’t mind helping him getting his aubergines and courgettes straight (not sure about an “aubergine cake”- I had lemon tart not to take any risk). Sweets were straight out of the oven – literally, warm and fragrant. It’s not easy for one to find much fault with fresh scones, cream and strawberry jam, and one didn’t. The Queen waving to crowds on her barge was certainly not as happy as me (well I was indoors at least).

Taking time for tea was a simple but wonderful pleasure, a cuddle to my time- starved, weight- watching, and usually anti-snacking self. Note to said self: don’t wait for another Jubilee to do it again.

What were you up to for the Jubilee? Any F- related adventures?

time for tea jonny vercoutre

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  1. It feels like we are in Alice in wonderland’s tea party!! Amazing! :)


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