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London supperclubs – a declaration of love

I love supperclubs. In fact, they’re my first love (food- wise) in London.  And as you all well know, first love is never forgotten- it may be just held back by mundane stuff like a one night stand with that latest sexy just-opened food cart, or flirting with that stunner of a “no bookings “one-item-menu restaurant. Pathetic, I know.  But as the saying goes, I could never really forgot my true love and so I am catching up now. Forget my recent shameful foppish chattering about trendy places (Sushi Tetsu, anyone?) and here I come, my beloved supperclubs.

london supperclubs

I’ll start with a list in no particular order (I honestly wouldn’t dare to rank them) – reviews to follow shortly!  I intend to keep this post updated regularly with new places I try and like, but for a more comprehensive view, you can find and book most of them on Edible Experiences.

Tried and tested

My Wishlist

  • +65/plus six five Supperclub (Singaporean)- going this Sunday and very much looking forward to it
  • Sabrina Ghayour Supperclub (Persian and Middle-Eastern)
  • Eat Scandi by  Signe Johanson aka Scandilicious (Scandinavian- did you guess it? you Sherlock! ;)
  • Bonus entry: Discover Cilento (from the great cook and big-heart Federica of Pasta Bites, mind of “Discover Abruzzo”- she just tweeted about it-  keep November 10th free and your eyes peeled on the blog if you want to savour some authentic lesser-known Italian food)

If you have never been to a supperclub (as I know it’s the case for some of my non-London readers), go! It is a brilliant experience even if you’re not crazily in to food, as it has so many facets- least but not last, the pickup dating  socializing potential.

If you have been and enjoyed it, good for you! Drop me a line in the comments if you have a supperclub you warmly recommend.

And finally…no, I don’t care if you’re reading thing supperclubs are “soooo 2007”. Seriously, bugger off. I may flirt with trends and fads but in the end all I care about is good food and nice people and with supperclubs (well- at least the ones you find here) that’s what you get, and that’s enough for me.

This is true love, and the heart wants what it wants.

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  1. I hope you find yourself at one of Sabrina’s soon. She and her food are all heart! Here is my blog from my Sabrina meal:

    • I really want to go! Can’t wait for her new collaboration this Autumn, just hope it’s bookable… Thanks for passing by

  2. I just saw this – thank you!! Since then, we have covered more regions so watch this space:)

    • I know- sooner or later I’ll get around covering some of your great dinners. I lost all my pics from the Abruzzo and Cilento supperclubs when I changed my phone :(


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