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Blog news: “Food Memos” restaurant reviews and a new web home

It may be St. Patrick’s Day today, but Spring is definitely not here yet weather-wise. However, I am in full Spring clean mode on the blog and have a few news to announce. I spent Paddy’s day  mostly indoors, eating/cooking and reading papers, and The Guardian’s “50 top foodie picks” struck my attention, as I noticed with a mixture of pride and fear that most of the London items of the list also appear on my blog restaurant reviews- cue Sushi TetsuPizza Pilgrims, The Clove Club, the dim sum trilogy at HKK, the Hackney Wild Sourdough from E5 Bakehouse, the quest for the best ramen in London (Bone Daddies or Shoryu?), not to mention more “niche” finds like the Viking Butter from Patrick Johanson so loved by Ben Spalding.  Now that I know that my hard-earned cash (and that of man fellow bloggers) served at last a good purpose -allowing a journalist to quickly write a SEO-friendly foodie list- I feel much better. Now, coming to the blog news…

The food Memos and New URLFirst, a new – and a jump to self hosting on WordPress, which you should hopefully not notice unless there is some technical bug. Yaaaaawn- I hear you say. Not as exciting as the opening of Balthazar or getting a table at Dabbous, but joking aside, it’s been a big move for me. I am no techie so please bear with me if there are glitches or some things don’t look exactly like before – drop me a line or write it in the comments and I’ll try to fix them!

Second piece of news, and hopefully more interesting. With the next post (spoiler: it’s about Duck and Waffle), I’ll start a new feature series for restaurant reviews here on the F- World – I like calling them The Food Memos (or #FoodMemos on Twitter).

The format will be

  • Where? (the venue- restaurant, bar, café, bistro etc.- and the location)
  • When? (day and time of day- breakfast, set lunch, full dinner tasting menu etc.)
  • What? (the Food!)
  • How much? (the bill)
  • Why? ( Yay or Nay? as in “why you should or shouldn’t go”)

These posts will be short and sweet and give you all the information about the place I’ve visited, without the chatter (or at least most of it). Best of both worlds!

The reason for the Food Memos? I recently realized I had a huge and growing backlog of restaurant reviews, and little and always less time to write. Also, some places just didn’t inspire me enough to write a full review; others I visited just for breakfast, or bar menu, or for any reasons I don’t feel like giving a full review- but I still hope they will give a good idea of the venue, food and what you can expect. Whether it’s the best ramen in London, the latest food trend or a solid neighbourhood favourite, I’ll keep hunting them down for you- hard work I know.

Feedback welcome- let me know what you think about the Food Memos idea in the comments if you like…

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