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Of mixing business and pleasure

The lady writing her sparse thoughts on this blog (a.k.a. Forever Yours), when not eating, cooking and enjoying other non- digital pleasures, works in communications and spends 99% of her time being connected to an inordinate number of social networks. The other 1% is spent wondering exactly what does it mean “working in communications” and how she ended up doing it.

Oh, and she also loves cocktails.

Hence, she found this quite funny: social media- themed cocktails – offered at the Mandarin Oriental in NYC (no, it’s not me holding the menu, it’s this guy from Tumblr who’s lucky enough to be an art critic in Brooklyn)

cocktails named after social networks

However, I still think that as a rule, “F-words moments” and social networking should be kept separate. Don’t mix business and pleasure etc.etc….or if you have to, make sure the barman is knowledgeable. And no olives please.

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