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Celebrate Independence Day: A Mathematically Correct Breakfast for 4th of July

Bagels (or beigels) were my favourite food when I was living in the U.S. Plain bagels, sesame and poppy seeds bagels, slightly toasted bagels with cream cheese and jam, with salmon and pickle, with tuna, with pretty much anything you can imagine- bar Marmite, which I hate.  From my remote, green campus in Vermont to New York skyscrapers, I had bagels almost every day of my nine- months stay in the Land of Opportunity.

The opportunity proved to be, in my case, that of:

  • studying my *s* off to barely pass an MBA- level Finance course and discovering I was not as smart i thought after all (note: I enrolled by mistake and kept at it out of pure stubbornness- books are still stained with tears)
  • making amazing friends and dating some interesting people (highlight: a philosopher and computer scientist who is now a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and who brought me to an Indian all-you can-eat buffet for first- date breakfast. That was by far not the weirdest thing he did, by the way)
  • eat some great food (no, I won’t accept commonplace comments on crappy American junk food. SOME of it is good) including said bagels.

I am still looking for the perfect bagel recipe, and for the best bagel in town (you can read @youngandfoodish take on it here- I’m eating my way through it in my London wanderings). If you have suggestions on either, let me know in the comments.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this quirky video and perhaps have a look at the blog it comes from – very appropriately named “It’s OK to be smart”- something I need we need to be reminded of (especially us ladies) as our culture slips into a celebration of silliness and fatuity. By the way I have a little crush on the author- the days of the Indian-breakfast-loving-computer-cum-philosophy-geek may be well past me but I still have a thing for science nerds people. *bracing for the wrong kind of fan mail now*.

Happy Independence Day everyone.

A few pics from my New York City days – cue “tired backpacker” rather than Carrie Bradshaw
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