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Coffee makes everything better – even work

If you know me, you know I love coffee…even a bit too much. Although I curbed my consumption quite a bit from my six to eight (erm…yes) espresso a day in my Italian days as a student and young worker, I am still a bit of a caffeine addict. Nothing stands between me and coffee in the morning and definitely I could not live in an office without a decent coffee machine. At the moment we have a pretty decent Jura one and yes, it is not fancy barista specialty coffee, but it does the job of keeping me awake in the monring. And afternoons. And those evenings before a big meeting.

Now apparently, there is science behind the fact that (drinkable) coffee at work is a basic right. Look at the infographic below!

Caffeinated workers have an improved performance and made fewer errors compared to their decaffeinated co-workers. And, for people who sit at their desk and work on keyboards all day, caffeine has been shown to ease pain in the neck, shoulders, forearms and wrists. Studies have even found that coffee breaks bring people together which tends to promote the sharing of professional opinions and encourages creativity.

I have had some of my brightest work ideas chatting with team members (or strangers met in the kitchen) over a coffee, so definitely a supporter of this.

What about you? Do you drink coffee while working? How is your office coffee machine? Tell me in the comments.

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Brewing Success: Coffee Makes the Workplace Go Round

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  1. Oh I spend a lot of money on coffee! Every morning my colleague and friend Mish and I ‘go for coffee’, outside. It’s for the coffee itself but to take a break and have a chat. Yet I do find myself around 9.30 in need of that cup of coffee.. it’s become too much of a habit! Afternoon, post lunch it’s an espresso macchiato, however often i make my way towards our floor Nespresso machine for a cheaper but equally good cup. The ‘free’ coffee we get in the office is absolutely awful and I have not had any for months.

    I wrote a similar post some time ago, although focusing on Nespresso

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