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Five types of Food Bloggers You’ll find Hard To Stomach

The Enthusiast (AKA “I like everything”)

Everything is yummy, everything is amazing, everything is the best [insert food name here] he/she has ever eaten.

Whilst many (including me) prefer devoting their precious time to write long form, thoughtful posts to places they liked rather than to reviving bad experiences, the proliferation of platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Vine etc) has transformed some into perpetually overflowing, 24/7 pots of bubbling enthusiasm for every establishment, food cart or item of food they put on their plate.

Now of course we like food – we are food bloggers no less – and of course we want to be positive and upbeat (and possibly get noticed by the food provider)…but if “edible” is your threshold for greatness, don’t expect me to trust you.

Sample tweet: BEST cheese on toast *EVER* ✨

food bloggers tips


The Skeptic (AKA “I don’t like anything”)

On the opposite end of the spectrum, here it comes the food blogger who could have “meh” tattooed across the forehead, as it is clearly his/her default approach to food and possibly life in general. You see them trying hard, really hard to be unreservedly enthusiastic about something – BUT there’s always a flaw to highlight, generally introduced by a pointed “however”. The criticism is generally aimed low enough to hit hard but not so sweeping that it may compromise a relationship with the PRs or the chance of future invitations. It has to be said, the Skeptic pays for a lot more of their meals compared to other types, this being another attempt to be a Proper Food Critic.

food bloggers types

A favourite target of this type of blogger are chains (easy target- all chains are evil) or universally praised places – “universally” before being reviewed by him/her who clearly knows better, based on some exoteric food knowledge the rest of the world is not privy to.


The Freebie Catcher


Do I need to say more? After the #teablagging phenomenon was masterfully explained by the sharp pen of Melissa Foodie, I can only invite you to read her thoughts and realise that this, unlike gourmet hotdogs or Sriracha-with-everything, is a trend that NEVER dies (actually, Sriracha goes with everything by the way). It was not born with bloggers, in fact it was a tenet of old fashion press PR, but now the ubiquity of the #PRfriendly hashtag makes you wonder about how the non-existing entry barriers (anyone can have a blog) have taken it to the next level…down.

Painstakingly scouring every existing PR event – breakfast, lunch or dinner including workshops at weird hours and places so cheap that the Oyster fare to get there is more expensive than the meal, and double booking him/herself more often than not – the Freebie Catcher is so used to never paying for a meal that when that actually happens (rarely, on some school reunion perhaps) they inevitably find the food “overpriced”.

How to spot the Freebie Catcher from a successful legit blogger? The former often fails to clearly state that your meal or shiny new kitchen goodie was comped – it’s illegal in the US and bad taste anywhere else.


The Chef Worshipper

I will admit it’s all too easy to fall into this and I plead guilty. For if Food is the new rock’n’ roll, chefs are the new band front men – highly visible, media darlings, with plenty of charisma and that crazy genius aura that just makes you weak in the knees. Marcus Wareing can criticise my soufflés any time. Plus, the new generation of chefs is young, sports photogenic tattoos and a general “rebel” attitude and (gasp!) includes pretty ladies if you’re so inclined – hi Gizzi!

So, chefs ARE sizzling hot indeed but this doesn’t mean you can make a complete fool out of your fawning groupie self and hope to not look pathetic. Yes, that includes compulsive retweeting, obsessive Instagram commenting, feeling wronged if your Chef Crush does not love/tweet you back. And if you think (of course you do) that it was THEM TOO encouraging it, remember: these days, chefs need adoring bloggers too when they’re starting out, but like any other act, once they’re big they’ll forget the first hour fans who were there at the empty gigs, faster than you can say “Saturday Kitchen”.

chefs are sexy


The Unfriendly Bloggerati

OK, WE.GET.IT. You have a blog. You’ve had it for a loooong time, and you started it before it was cool. Hence, you are firmly in the radar of the media, are invited to cool stuff, are best chums with Celebrity Chefs, get to walk into restaurants and they recognise you as if you were Jay Rayner, you only hang out with the other Veterans, maybe you even had a book deal. Good on you!

But just because you are blogger royalty, don’t feel like you have to differentiate yourself from us plebs (the blogging newbies, the Whelpers, the TripeAdvisors, the Pomatos) by projecting a solid wall of hatred around you. I promise, we don’t bite, in fact some of us are nice people and you won’t lose an ounce of your well-deserved coolness by saying hi at an event. Imagine, some of the Blogging Veterans have tried being nice to mere mortals, sharing tips, being generally friendly…and THEY ARE STILL COOL- in fact, now people even like them and respect them instead of just being jealous. You can do it as well. Try it, it’s refreshing- and the internet is big enough for everyone, no VIP reservation lists required.

The Chef Worshipper-2


Disclaimer – this isn’t meant to be a naming and shaming of anyone in particular. It is light hearted fun – well, hopefully fun – directed at a category I am part of, and proud to be part of. I plead guilty to more than a couple of these sins- what’s yours? Do you have any other “types” to suggest? Sound off in the comments J



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  1. I absolutely love this! It’s so true and must admit, I am guilty of atleast two things on this list (occasionally) :)


    • Sorry for getting back a bit late. thanks for the love, and yes we do all fall into some or we wouldn’t be the obsessed food bloggers we are ;)

  2. Oh I was dreading reading this but pretty sure I only fall into the same chef worshiper as you do (I hope?!) good fun x

    • Hahaha you’re one of the most unassuming yet amazing bloggers I know so don’t worry. And let’s start a #chefworship hashtag please

  3. This is funny. And yes I think I kind of fall a little bit into more than one category hopefully bar the last one yet.. how many of those have we met in the past few years? Thankfully there’s loads of lovely people out there. Hurrah for friendships borne out of blogging :)

    • sorry getting at this a bit late. Yes, hooray for blogging friendship :)

  4. Oh yes, I’ve met all of these types and like your other commenters I can also see elements of one (or more) of them in myself (hate to admit!). There’s one thing true of all the types you identify: lack of depth. It’s easy to be sycophantic, hyper-critical or lack objectivity. Much more difficult to be discerning and knowledgeable.

    A great post! :-)

    • Thanks Jared, and you make a good point there. It is hard to maintain balance and credibility when the whole blogging/vlogging world sometimes seems to prove that you need to be extreme (in any sense) to stand out and gain attention. But we can still try! xx

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