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Food? Sex? Social Media? There’s an infographic for that (on Pinterest)

restaurants infographic

As those of you who know me in Real Life (or are early readers of the blog) will know, my ‘day job’ has something to do with digital communications and PR- which sounds quite glamorous to some- and lots to do with less glamorous things like corporate- speak, endless and often pointless meetings, and writing documents about as exciting as the weather forecast lately. In short, what every other office worker in the world has to deal with. I don’t think I’m doing especially bad- in fact, I quite love my job, so much that it has also become my ‘night job’, just under a different angle.

One of the many blessing of my job is that I deal with an incredible variety of clients or prospects- everything from ore mines to sandwiches, from business parks to carpets passing by banks, credit cards and the occasional airline. Some serious mind-stretching stuff which makes me everybody’s favourite teammate on Trivial Pursuit and also -I suspect- slightly nuts. “Keeping up with the trends” is not part of the job description- as some clever HR person probably told it wasn’t wise to give me contractual permission to look at cats videos during work hours- but it’s definitely required if I want to continue dazzling colleague and clients with cat videos the latest in social media. Result is, I am exposed to a huge amount of buzzwords- yes, those annoying ubiquitous expressions who creep on industry new and literature like poisonous ivy and cover it with a thick layer of sameness. Brands as love marks; engagement; location- based; and so on and so forth.

The latest one is THE INFOGRAPHIC. For us, it all started quietly, as a sort of footnote on an internal presentation- “by the way, remember that infographics are a good way to present information in a clear, catchy, easy to digest and easy to share format”. A few days later, somebody came up asking “can I have one of those infograms?“. Now it’s infographic everything. The benefits of yoghurt (including the true fact that mice eating yoghurt has testicles 30% bigger and shinier hair than others)? There’s an infographic for that. The evolution of the paper clip under a post- Surrealist perspective? There’s an infographic for that. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘please leave the toilet as you’d like to find it’ notice had been transformed in an infographic- in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised because the facility manager would have to come to me to ask for one ( and the Information Architecture on that one would be pretty easy too!).

It’s a love- hate relationship. Many infographics are brilliant- not just graphic gimmicks, they have an added value (feel the corporate-speak creeping up) and I really admire the makers; other are just riding the buzzword wave and try to fool Google (and readers) with poor content in a shiny form. So I thought I would start a little series on the best ones I bump into, related to- you guess it- food and sex. I will also post these on my Pinterest account- feel free to pinch them (or pin them, actually) and to suggest your favourite ones…it’s a growing collection and I hope we can find the best ones. Pin away!

food infographics

food trucks infographic/>

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