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Michael Fassbender is NOT Christian Grey (#fiftyshades saga)

This is not a post, it’s cry of alarm and horror…

Apparently, (Internet) rumour has it that ubersexy Michael Fassbender should be cast as Christian Grey in the inevitable movie…for now, he’s proving he’s not only ubersexy but also a smart guy and dignified actor by declaring “I don’t even know what that is […] It’s ‘Fifty Shades of Green’ in my world” (?!). I just hope he keeps his word and doesn’t spoil his career with this. I’d rather fantasize remember him in Shame or Jane Eyre.

Those were both, in different ways, highly sexually charged roles- one in a restrained Victorian way, the other in the morbid and nihilistic 21st century fashion…Christian Grey is a stereotyped empty shell of a book character who would take some serious screenplay and direction work to be interesting on screen. As charismatic (and yummy) as Fassbender is, I think he couldn’t do much to add depth to such a shallow persona.


As “Fifty Shades” was apparently born from Twilight fan fiction, I would say go for your Robert Pattinson and keep your hands off Michael.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.


In case you were wondering why I so dislike the book (and what this Fifty Shades rant  has to do with the food theme), here’s a link to my original post on Fifty Shades of Grey and eating disorders.

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