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A restaurant for Valentine’s day? An infographic can help

Looking for a restaurant for Valentine’s Day in London? Want to avoid traps, cheesy “romantic” places and overpriced menus? Look no further, technology is here to help (maybe) in the form of the latest trendy tool – an infographic. Created by Square Meal, it will help you choose the perfect restaurant for your Valentine, or at least will make you smile…

I’ve already written about my love/hate relationship with infographics and my growing collection on Pinterest.  I also have a complicated relationship with Valentine’s day – actually, it’s not that complicated: if I am single, it’s an excuse to eat out with friends- if I am attached, it’s an an excuse to eat out and not pay (shh! don’t tell the feminist). Joking aside- with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I though I’d share this nice infographic (more exactly, a fancy tree diagram) on how to pick a restaurant for Valentines in London which I just got from the lovely folks at Square Meal. It’s meant to help you quickly assess the status of your relationship, and from there decide where to eat to your heart’s content for the 14th of February and beyond. From cheap eats such as Meat Liquor, Tayyabs (not sure on this one) and Koya to high-end like Le Gavroche, The Gilbert Scott and Dabbous, they got your back covered (and if you can read this today and get a table to Dabbus by February 14, I can be your girlfriend/lover/sex slave anytime).  I have done my homework and googled “London most romantic restaurant” for you: the result is …(continues below)

… Clos Maggiore, a quaint little thing near Covent Garden which is also mentioned in the Square Meal Valentine’s selection. I have been there quite some ago on a first date: it’s not as bad as you’d think, although I absolutely can’t remember the food – I guess being in love makes you do mad things like obliterate the memory of the stuff on the plate, and booking a restaurant off Google.

For Valentine’s day I will be going to newly-ish opened restaurant HKK, from the same management of Hakkasan.  It’s a bit of a luxury as my disposable income is mostly spent on Ryanair flights these days to be with a sick family member, but I had a hard January and need some TLC. I hope the food is as delicious as it looks in these pictures; that it will remind me of the delicious dim sum we had in Asia, but better; and most of all, to be as much in love as our first date. Cheesy cheers! 

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