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The weirdest place for sex? This room. Or this other room…

“Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever had sex?”

Steve Lambert- we have had sex in this roomI still remember asking this question in a forum many years ago *nerdiness score goes up by gazillions* and people just bragging about very, very unlikely exploits in planes (you know, the whole “mile high club” business), cinemas (seriously?! In today’s bright-lit multiscreen cinemas- can’t really do more than some heavy petting at best) and taxis (expensive hobby I would say). I think people just got carried away by TV and movies and mixed imagination with reality. I am not saying that people do not have seSteve Lambert- yes, sex in this one too x in strange places (while…ehm.. researching this I found an hilarious article by the always reliably trashy Mirror)  but let’s face it- chances are that from a statistical point of view it will be mostly in the house.

Steve Lambert- we have had sex in this room too

I found out about these prints by American artist Steve Lambert in a post by This Little Lady Went To London and immediately loved them. I am no modern art expert – really, ask my art-lover friend over at  Arts and Sprouts how deep my ignorance on the topic is- but I found them interesting and thought- provoking (I think that’s the appropriate critic word for it).


Being no art critic, I’ll let the artist speak for himself:

Statement about the work (from the artist’s website)

I don’t want anything I do becoming another inanimate object that decorates someone’s home. I want more. I want ramifications!

So I came up with this. This feels more like a real transaction. Yes, you get to own something I made, but you also accept some responsibility. Put this on your wall and you have to be more honest as a result. It’s more than just an image, it becomes a point of interaction with everyone who comes into your home. It’s simple ink on paper, but wherever it hangs, there’re social implications.

It’s not for everyone.

Well, it’s definitely not for me. Not so much because of the price tag (you can buy these at art prints website 20×200 starting at an affordable $24), but…well, I’m afraid it may be awkward when my Mum comes over for tea [insert embarassed silence]


In all seriousness, I just wish I had three different rooms in my house!

And you…would you buy these prints? Let me know in the comments

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  1. Looking at ordering them soon. We like having things like this around the house, if nothing else to make people go “Hmmm…did they?” or the “Ewww…” either way they reacted.

    • I think you’re doing exactly what the artist wished! a very bold statement but definitely much better than an IKEA poster ;) Would LOVE to see pictures of these in a real house…


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