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Coffee makes everything better – even work

Posted on May 6, 2015 in books, art, lifestyle | 1 comment

If you know me, you know I love coffee…even a bit too much. Although I curbed my consumption quite a bit from my six to eight...

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Five types of Food Bloggers You’ll find Hard To Stomach

Posted on Nov 25, 2014 in books, art, lifestyle | 8 comments

The Enthusiast (AKA “I like everything”) Everything is yummy, everything is amazing, everything is the best [insert food name...

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“Made in London” food & drinks: eating hyper-locally

Posted on Aug 30, 2014 in books, art, lifestyle | 0 comments

I am proud to publish a guest post by fellow Italian blogger, and fellow London lover Carlo from The London Expat. He leads us into an...

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Why “food 3D printing” will leave you hungry for more

Posted on Apr 6, 2014 in books, art, lifestyle | 0 comments

As you know, the blog is taking a bit of a sabbatical whilst I am in Singapore – blame the hectic work schedule, the constant travelling...

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Women, food and business – an interview with Kitchenette CEO Cynthia Shanmugalingam

Posted on Jul 13, 2013 in books, art, lifestyle | 0 comments

Kitchenette is the first UK food startup incubator, and it is headed by a woman, Cynthia Shanmugalingam. After being invited to the...

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My Hunger Games: why I quit the 5:2 fasting diet

Posted on Jul 3, 2013 in books, art, lifestyle | 15 comments

This is a very personal account of my experience with the 5:2 (also known as the alternate fasting diet or fast diet). I am not claiming...

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Kitchenette startup accelerator: food, entrepreneurship, community

Posted on Jul 1, 2013 in books, art, lifestyle | 2 comments

We may not think of them as such, but each and every restaurant, food truck or supperclub we love dining at is, or has been at some point,...

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Food mourn vs food porn – when food and photography don’t get along

Posted on Jun 21, 2013 in books, art, lifestyle | 5 comments

I already wrote about food porn – and food-styling, Photoshop, marketing tricks  and how to make food look more visually appealing....

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[CLOSED] Win a signed copy of “Curries of the World” by Atul Kochhar – giveaway

Posted on May 23, 2013 in books, art, lifestyle, NEW! giveaway | 55 comments

Win yourself a signed copy of a fabulous recipe book’ “Curries of the World” by chef Atul Kochhar, Michelin-starred...

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The Secret Lives of Chefs – less celebrity, more fun

Posted on May 20, 2013 in books, art, lifestyle | 0 comments

I confess, I found these deliciously fun “Secret lives of chefs” comics via Tumblr. I have a love/hate relationship with...

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