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How to make bacon – with Foodcraft Collective DIY kits

Posted on Sep 22, 2014 in recipes | 2 comments

The day I made my own bacon This should really be titled “the week I made bacon” as the curing process takes a bit longer than...

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A Malaysian recipe: Turmeric Fried Chicken (Ayam Goreng Garam Kunyit)

Posted on Sep 25, 2013 in recipes | 2 comments

Introducing “Recipes” on IntoTheFWorld: although I do cook a lot at home (hard to believe with how much I eat out, I know), I...

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Eating pizza, Italian style – my family pizza recipe

Posted on Jul 15, 2013 in recipes | 4 comments

My last (and also first ever on the blog) recipe was a “fusion” take on the very traditional beef fillet, inspired by my partner British...

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Beef Fillet “Malaysian style” with Sambal sauce

Posted on Jun 30, 2013 in recipes | 0 comments

After being invited to a fantastic Scotch Beef-themed dinner at Plateau Restaurant, I made a firm resolution to try and cook some beef...

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