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Paradise Garage – heaven by way of Bethnal Green

Posted on Aug 3, 2015 in reviews | 0 comments

The team behind The Dairy in Clapham and its sister restaurant The Manor doesn’t really need an introduction – certainly not by me,...

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UNI-quely Peruvian

Posted on Apr 29, 2015 in reviews | 0 comments

Fusion Having spent half of my life in Asia and the other half in England, I’ve never been a fan of Fusion cuisine. This is possibly...

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The Adam and Eve, E9 – Cornwall Project in the house

Posted on Mar 26, 2015 in reviews, Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter (as you should, as I rarely get to post anything on the blog these days), you’ll know...

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Pachamama London – love at first bite, rather than sight

Posted on Jan 25, 2015 in reviews | 2 comments

A lot of new food delivery services seem to have sprouted around London recently – my twitter timeline is full of alluring offers from...

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A year in food: my 2014 “best of” (and 2015 wishlist)

Posted on Dec 31, 2014 in reviews | 3 comments

Is it a bit of cliche to do a round up post for the year? Anyway, I enjoyed writing this one as it gave me a chance to talk about some...

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House of Ho – Vietnamese Brunch & Free Flow Drinks

Posted on Nov 5, 2014 in reviews | 0 comments

When something is marketed as a “Rock’n’Roll Brunch”, it’d better be really, really R&R to escape my...

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Five good things I ate at the Chocolate Show

Posted on Oct 18, 2014 in reviews | 0 comments

I am not a big sweet tooth and would happily eat savoury over sweet most times, but hey who does not lot a bit of choc from time to time?...

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Eelbrook, Fulham – Restaurant Review

Posted on Oct 7, 2014 in reviews | 2 comments

Today I am proud to host a guest post from friend, partner in (foodie) crime and blogger extraordinaire F. of The Daily Out. She was so...

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Ramen mania! Kanada-Ya London review

Posted on Sep 5, 2014 in reviews | 0 comments

As you will all know by now, I am obsessed with Japanese ramen and in particular tonkotsu, the rich, milky pork broth version. In the...

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Lyle’s London for dinner – no choice, good choice

Posted on Aug 1, 2014 in reviews | 0 comments

Lyle’s opened a few months ago in the Tea Building at the corner between Shoreditch and Bethnal Green, so in my very neighbourhood...

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