Oma Huis: Relishing Legendary Noodles at a Classically Styled Venue

oma huis jaksel

In South Jakarta’s Cikajang area, a new hangout spot with a classic ambiance has emerged. Oma Huis offers a wide range of culinary delights, from burgers to legendary noodles.

The Rising Trend of Hangout Spots

Hanging out has become a lifestyle for many people. Consequently, it’s no surprise that new hangout spots with various concepts and a plethora of culinary options are popping up.

Take, for example, Oma Huis, a fresh hangout spot in South Jakarta’s Cikajang area. Its strategic location makes it a top choice for many people.

Origins in Cakalang Yellow Rice Eatery

Oma Huis was founded by Ray and Eko Bintang in June of this year. Initially, it was just a Cakalang yellow rice eatery, but it later evolved into a hangout spot offering a wide variety of cuisines.

“Towards the end of the pandemic in 2022, we finally started building Oma Huis. Our initial idea was to make Oma Huis a place to gather and dine,” explained Ray.

The name Oma Huis, therefore, was taken from Oma’s Cakalang Yellow Rice. The place can be an option for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or simply a spot to snack and hang out.

A Classic-Styled Establishment

Oma Huis is housed in a classic-styled building with two stories. The structure draws inspiration from a “passage,” which was traditionally a small alley designated for shops and restaurants.

Upon entering the area, visitors are immediately greeted by culinary tenants lining both sides of the walkway. The building’s ambiance takes us back to the past.

“The concept aims to make us nostalgic, as if we’re visiting our grandparents’ house from days gone by,” Ray elaborated.

Although the dining area isn’t particularly large, it exudes a tranquil atmosphere that makes it comfortable for patrons to hang out.