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New year, new food trends 2013

Update: since I wrote this post, in less than two months I already saw two of the food trends 2013 appearing on London menus- just as an example, popcorn icecream at The Corner Room and gochujang at The Clove Club (see my review here) …they swam across the Atlantic pretty fast!

This first post of 2013 is really just a bit of casual chatter and whining about my new diet (the 5:2 diet). I pondered over a “food trends 2013” post to start the year off in style but decided against it after I realised every other blogger and magazine around here else had been quicker and better than me at it.  The U.S. Huffington Post has the definitive edit on 2013 food trends as they made up a meta- list based on the top recurring trends on other blogs (yes really)- and as US food trends seem to trickle down to the UK quite quickly, expect to see “smoke”, “popcorn”, “vegetables” (yes, really again!) and even a mysterious korean hot sauce called Gochujang which is apparently the new Sriracha on this side of the pond very soon. [if you ask me, the Yankees can keep their popcorn]

Food trends for 2013- burger vs popcorn

In the meantime, I’m more than happy to keep enjoying the food trends 2012 (actually, we should have them all on “Reduced to clear” since they’re expiring any moment now, wouldn’t that be great?). In London, we’re happily scoffing burgers (I still have to visit Meat Mission and Patty & Bun), posh fried chicken and looking for the Holy Grail of the best ramen in town. This is my favourite trend in case you hadn’t noticed, and I have visited the most recent openings (and some old ones like Cocoro in Marylebone) in search for London best ramen according to me.

So, I am looking forward to enjoy the food trends 2013, but still quite fond of my ramen and burgers…


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