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The Clove Club Lunch- a Food Memo

I don’t often write twice about the same place, but I felt that The Clove Club lunch deserved an exception to the rule. As the topic has been treated extensively on my earlier post, where I review their tasting menu for dinner, this one will be short and sweet with lots of pictures. Hope you like it!

The Clove Club Lunch 4


The Clove Club at the Shoreditch Town Hall. During the day, the space is even nicer as it’s flood by an amazing light (yes, even in this not-so-springy-Spring) and the period details are highlighted. Lunch is served in the bar area, whilst the main hall is closed to the public.

The Clove Club lunch 0


On a Saturday lunch. The Clove Club has just started lunch service and it is working Tuesday to Saturday, with dishes from the bar menu plus two or three mains. We booked on a Tuesday and got a lovely table near the window, but I suspect this is going to be a popular spot so recommend to book well in advance (details and hours here). The good news is, you can also eat at the bar counter if tables are full.

The Clove Club lunch menu


The Clove Club Lunch 1

As said, The Clove Club lunch menu is a selection of sharing dishes and mains- one meat, one fish and one vegetarian (not depicted on the menu above); strangely, I was very tempted by the no-meat option as duck egg and morel mushrooms sounded quite good. We went for a starter we loved our our first dinner visit- a light plate of fresh radishes with a gochujang cream and black sesame. The star of the show, though, was the wood pigeon sausages and homemade ketchup dish; not one for the faint-hearted as it was definitely gamey and rich, but one of the most delicious incarnations of a sausage I have ever had. And even thought Heinz is in most cases all you really need in terms of ketchup, here the hint of chilli in the sauce balanced the musky taste just right.

The Clove Club Lunch 2

Mains: the rib cap of beef with mushroom sauce and aioli, which also appeared in the tasting menu, had a different presentation this time which we liked even more, with thinner slices of perfectly pink meat and some seriously crunchy/creamy potato croquettes. I chose the hake and was afraid I would get “steak envy” (the well known phenomenon of going for the “healthier option” and then ending up drooling over your fellow diner slab of meat). I cannot vouch for my fish to be healthy – as I mentioned, The Clove Club chef does love his dairy, but so do I – but dear, it was tasty, with its sumptuous sauce of cream, bacon and onions and a pretty ribbon of celeriac. Alas, my favourite dish from the first visit, the black leg chicken, was not available so I will have to go back for more!

The Clove Club Lunch 3

Coffee and desserts were good- nice choice selling eclairs by the unit if you don’t feel like eating a whole pudding.

How much?

With a £40 bottle of wine (an agreeable and too very easy to drink Nero D’Avola from Sicily), the whole feast came up to just under £100 for two, which is very reasonable if not exactly cheap. It seems to be priced to the same level as the Corner Room, which has a well-known bargain lunch menu, and the Sunday lunch at Brawn; both are my local favourites but definitely the Clove Club is now on my “autopilot choices for post-Friday meals” radar.

The Clove club kitchen staff

The open kitchen at The Clove Club is a joy for the eyes and a welcome addition of warmth to the room

Why? Yay or nay?

Before somebody thinks I’m on the restaurant payroll, I’ll say it one more time – YES, the Clove Club lunch is a great food experience and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Curious about it? Read my review of the dinner tasting menu at the Clove Club

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